We are firmly committed to providing opportunities for conference participants to interact, converse and learn from each other. The program of the congress has integrated several types of meetings, presentations and workshops prepared specifically to promote interaction among of all attendees.

All those registered in the coference can enjoy a free "Coffee Break" at 11:45 consisting of Natural Orange Juice, Mineral Water, Coffee, Milk, Infusions, assortment of pastries and homemade pastries.


 The lecturers, chosen from among the most outstanding professionals in the world, who work with Alzheimer's patients and other dementias, offer formal presentations on topics of great interest to the participants of the conference. As a rule there are no questions or conversation during these sessions. The lecturers answer questions and participate in informal talks after their presentations.


The papers are grouped by general themes in sessions composed of three or four papers. Each speaker of the session makes a formal presentation of his work, which lasts about 30 minutes; Once all are presented, there follows a question and answer session, and a group discussion. The moderators of the session present the speakers, measure the time of the presentations and facilitate the discussion.


The workshops involve a wide interaction between speakers and participants around an idea or a practical experience of an applied discipline. Our idea is that in these sessions there can also be conversation, dialogue or debate among all the participants.


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